NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Newport Pacific Land Company is pleased to announce that Chris Bley, Partner and Executive Vice President will address the IMN’s 5th Annual Real Estate Private Equity Forum on Land, Homebuilding & Condo Development (East) at 12:15 p.m. on  Tuesday, April 10 in Florida.

Bley will be part of a five panelist discussion covering the topic of “Land Development Deal Structures in Today’s Market.”  Other presenters include Robert Siegel, Partner with Bilzin Sumberg; Adam Peterson, Director, JEN Partners LLC; Arthur Nevid, Managing Director & CIO, Mountain Real Estate Capital; and Rodney Montag, CEO, Managing Partner, RAM Real Estate Capital.

Questions to be addressed include:

What are the basic differences and similarities between mezzanine debt and preferred equity?

Senior debt for land A&D has loosened up a bit, but is the same true for subordinated debt and equity for A&D?

What types of development deals lend themselves best to a mixture of secured senior debt and subordinated debt and/or preferred equity?  What characteristics make a project more (or less) a good fit for structured capital?

What are the benefits and disadvantages to the developer related to mezzanine debt and preferred equity?  What are typical restrictions and requirements of subordinated debt/equity for the developer?

Do you see subordinated debt/equity structures becoming more or less prevalent in 2018?  Why?

IMN’s 5th Annual Land & Homebuilding Forum (East) is confirmed to host senior leaders from national public and private homebuilders, private capital investors, land developers and owners and many more.
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