Newport Pacific Land Company LLC

Newport Pacific Land Company LLC oversees projects by taking the vision to reality, orchestrating the steps along the way.  Experience and innovation serve as the cornerstones of our organization while providing development solutions and lifestyle offerings that exceed expectations.  Our goal is to deliver the highest and best use for each property while offering our partners optimal financial value and future residents great places in which to live.  

Creating better solutions requires teamwork and trust, working together to maximize each community's potential. The NPLC team is comprised of individuals who have built their careers on a passion to create community and add value. Our extensive hands-on management experience and combined knowledge encompass land acquisition, design and planning expertise, entitlement, construction operations, finance, land development and homebuilding.

We understand each project is unique and although we act as principals, we are often asked to step in as an asset project manager and/or consultant to add value by repurposing and revitalizing a venture with fresh perspective.  Our spirit of ingenuity and collaboration provides solutions that address the interests of public agencies, institutions, landowners, venture partners and future residents.

Consulting Services


A significant part of NPLC’s business platform is the consulting services we offer clients addressing all aspects of developing new home communities, both large and small.  Based on our experience in the dynamics of real estate development, we offer management, advisory and evaluation services to generate accurate and comprehensive information necessary to maximize the value of our clients' assets.  We provide decision-making tools and assessment reports to map out the scope and risks associated with all aspects of developing communities, which allow for informed decisions about development strategy and financial results. Our services allow NPLC to be a “one stop shop” for our clients to evaluate assets currently owned or support due diligence and underwriting efforts on future potential ventures.  Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Investment / venture financial analysis and cash flow modeling.
  • Development cost estimating / value engineering including land development, infrastructure costs, engineering and impact fees.
  • Generation and / or examination of existing cash flow / LRV’s at various states of modeling such as raw, paper, super pad, blue top, finished and / or homebuilder.
  • Market analysis and segmentation recommendations, “placemaking”, planning, plotting / mix and product design. 
  • Entitlement processing and approvals including specific plans, environmental impact reports, tentative final maps, development agreements, jurisdictional permits and architecture.
  • Impact of environmental resource agency permits on financial performance and timing.
  • Public finance (CFD, MUD), analysis and formation.
  • Optimization algorithms using some or all of the above to maximize potential market absorption and land residual value.

Asset / Project Management


Our management services are tailored to match the specific requirements of each client.  Our team of entitlement, planning, marketing and construction professionals are committed to providing comprehensive oversite services related to real estate law and contracts, insurance and tax matters, title, HOA issues, DRE and onsite development. Additionally, pro-active community relations / public affairs augment and ensure the specific needs of a project are met.  

Our services include evaluating and reporting on the requirements of projects, including bid-to-budget variance tracking, commitment control and a full range of project financial reviews. Below is a list of some of the services NPLC provides:

  • Land Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Pre–Acquisition Proformas
  • Business Plan Development
  • Project Scheduling
  • Budget and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Public Finance
  • Project Entitlement
  • Land Development
  • Bid Administration
  • Onsite Field Inspection
  • Quality Control Reviews
  • General Contracting
  • Planning and Product Design
  • Marketing 
  • Builder Sales

Public Sector Services


NPLC's institutional knowledge of development and agency working relationships facilitates the opportunity to work with staff on all aspects of project evaluation, third party review, entitlement and community outreach. The following are examples of some, but not all of the services NPLC can provide:

  • Master Plan and Specific Plan Review
  • Open Space and Resource Agency Review and Negotiations
  • Development Agreements and Conditions of Approval
  • Community Outreach and Workshops
  • Public Finance, CFD, Fee Refinements
  • Cost Estimating and Implementation Strategies
  • Park Programming and Design
  • Placemaking, Streetscape and Landscape Design and Review
  • Architectural Design Guidelines and Review
  • HOA Review and Management
  • Public and Educational Facilities Planning and Review
  • Negotiations on Entitlements for Public Agencies



Newport Pacific Land Company LLC's team provides decades of experience in real estate development, finance, asset management and homebuilding to our clients. Among our highly respected clients, you will find:

  • Private Land Owners
  • Public Institutions
  • Real Estate and Investment Trusts
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Partners
  • Public Agencies
  • Community Developers
  • Homebuilders