Newport Pacific Land Company

Newport Pacific Land Company evaluates properties through the lens of tomorrow, how they will live and breathe when the vision becomes a reality.  Experience and foresight allows us to add value to the property before its desirability is recognized by others and demand grows. Flexibility and innovation is the foundation of new, creative design solutions and lifestyle offerings that exceed expectations.  Our goal is to deliver the highest and best use for each property while offering future residents, current neighbors and our partners optimal results. 

Creating better solutions requires teamwork within, partnerships with others and collaboration by all, as we work together to build a better future. The NPLC team is comprised of individuals who have built their careers on their passion to create community. Our extensive hands-on management experience and combined knowledge ranges from land acquisition, design and planning expertise to entitlement and operations, finance, land development and home building.

NPLC understands each project is unique and although we normally act as principals, we are often asked to step in as an asset or project manager in order to repurpose a property with a fresh perspective. We combine an optimistic vision of what can be but with the utilization of proven institutional methods.